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As long as not otherwise stated, the programs listed here are copyright © by Stefan Fuchs and may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2. Either use them at entirely your own risk or do not even download them.

Mostly unmaintained software

Currently I have other priorities than writing software... Please find a couple of old, unmaintained programs below. Feel free to take care of them.

runs under linux


IVRec is a small gtk+ application (screenshot) to record TV broadcasts received with an ivtv driven card (e.g. Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250/350). You can either specify start and end date/time or program a repeating schedule based on week days. During the programmed times the application captures the stream directly to a file.

The code is a horrible design written in a hurry. Nevertheless it could be extended with new recorder classes capable of recording from other sources than ivtv cards or enhance it with reencoding features.

downloadivrec-1.0.5.tar.bz2 [193 KB, 2016-01-04, sig]

Project Tracker

The Project Tracker is a very simple PHP(5) / MySQL based webinterface to keep track of working hours spent on various projects. Its purpose is to load CVS spreadsheets and convert them finally into a summary containing project and account numbers. It matches the format used to enter the data into our company's SAP on a monthly base. In addition to this core functionality it provides different statistical views. The user-friendliness is very poor as I made the tool just for myself.

downloadproject-tracker-20081116.tar.gz [19 KB, 2016-01-04, sig, md5sum]
runs under linuxruns under windows


LineControl has been started around 1998 under the name of DialControl which doesn't exist any more. It's a server / client based application to control and monitor internet connections. Its main intention was to have a manual mechanism for dialing and hanging up a modem connected to a NAT server without the need of a telnet/ssh connection to that server machine. LineControl makes sure that nobody hangs up the line while another one is still using it. There's more about it on

runs under linux


SigBrowser is a gtk+ / OpenGL application that allows easy browsing of large signals. At the moment it supports only files up to 2 GB, 1 to 8 channels and only 16 bit signed integer samples. In addition to zooming & scrolling through such signals it allows to attach the result of a cluster ananlysis to the signal to visualize that result.
It was used at the Institute of Hygiene and Applied Physiology of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich to visualize intramuscular EMG data on which a cluster analysis has been done trying to sort out the different muscular units

runs under linux


PicIndex is a small tool to quickly generate hmtl indexes for picture collections. Processing a collection of about 3000 photographs is no problem, size of the pictures doesn't matter. The biggest drawback is that it needs every picture in different sizes. There's an explanation in the README file contained in the distribution tar-ball.

downloadpicindex.tar.bz2 [22 KB, 2016-01-04, sig]
runs under linuxruns under windows

MPMP - Membranes Post Measurement Processing

This is a tool to post process measurements taken with a NewView 5000 from Zygo at the ETH Zürich. It's part of a student project in WS04/05. The tool locates circular and rectangular membranes in provided heightmaps to calculate some characteristic values of them. It needs input in a very special format and directory layout.

downloadmpmp-r48.tgz [58 KB, 2016-01-04, sig]
runs under linuxruns under windows

mdx2mat - convert Simplorer mdx files to Matlab mat files

Ansoft Simplorer can save simulation data to mdx files, ascii formatted or binary. This tool brings your Simplorer waveforms unmodified to Matlab for easier and nicer plotting. Be aware that it might be useful to use constant simulation steps, otherwise interpolation in matlab might be neccessary to obtain a constant sample rate for an FFT or so. This tool does not work with files larger than 2GB. Note that the tool was written for Simplorer version from 2005. Probably it does not support Simplorer files of recent versions.

downloadmdx2mat-20051221.tar.gz [139 KB, 2016-01-04, sig]

Unfinished, short & dirty hacks, ...

Feel free to use the stuff below under GPL2 conditions as long as not stated different in the package files. But don't ask me questions about that code. I won't give any support as long as you don't come with some very nice improvements which make the code useful.
runs under linux


a small, short, dirty hack I wrote in a hurry to do some work on MS wave files recorded using a grammophone without RIAA curve equalization. I processed about 12 GB data with it.
First it tries to find and eliminate clicks / scratches then the program applies an IIR filter to compensate the RIAA frequency domain attenuation curve.
The equalization curve and the FFT functions are taken from Audacity.

downloadgramowav.tar.bz2 [402 KB, 2016-01-04, sig]